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He does indeed. Now give us time. (Long pause at 10:25.) The two of you together can help break these procedures so that at least the both of you are not applying negative ideas at the same time. There are countless small daily rituals that can break or reinforce such attitudes. I will mention one that you broke. It was the ritual involving your can opener.

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Ruburt had great difficulty with it. Strong feelings of failure. When you replaced it the hands began to improve. The ritual involved in opening the cans was a constant habitual negative reinforcement.

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He is afraid he will fall. There are other small rituals that can be avoided, and as they come to me I will give them to you. The joint exercise idea is very good, and the morning one also. He still does not like the living room door closed at night. He feels closed in. Small changes made in his morning ritual will help bring about some morning improvement.

Quite hidden, all the habitual rituals of a family have deep psychological connotations. To change such habits is often illuminating therefore, and that is why I mention this here. Ruburt can stop trying to get everything arranged on his desk before work, so he will not have to get up for example. This is a strong negative suggestion that helps to override the conscious suggestion “I can get up easier.”

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