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He can do this by employing the exercises that you mentioned, that will show him a daily improvement that will help break the negative image and prevent further negative projections. He can do this by the daily walk. All of these help break the negative projections, and are already proof physically of inside willingness that is then physically materialized for him to see—in terms of physical performance that he can judge.

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—regardless of what you think of them. Your thoughts and imaginations do cause your activities. Your negative attitudes also help continue the symptoms, as do his. The physical facts of going down the stairs sideways existed first in imagination, and were materialized. You need not deny the physical fact, but if you understand what causes physical facts then you change the direction of your imagination, thought and expectations in order that the following future facts will not be like the ones that so displeased you.

The method is not difficult. You are using it the wrong way quite well in some regards. Ruburt has had his own negative attitudes about his illness to contend with, and often yours as well. You did more good by telling him he bent over well from the front this evening (while we were exercising), that simple statement, than you ever could by any remark, however well-meaning, that he is not bending his leg when he walks for example.

I am not telling either of you to ignore a physical fact, but to avoid habitual, often unthinking negative suggestions that might prolong it. This is an important point, and Ruburt would not have let me speak about it earlier. Now take your break.

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He does indeed. Now give us time. (Long pause at 10:25.) The two of you together can help break these procedures so that at least the both of you are not applying negative ideas at the same time. There are countless small daily rituals that can break or reinforce such attitudes. I will mention one that you broke. It was the ritual involving your can opener.

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Ruburt had great difficulty with it. Strong feelings of failure. When you replaced it the hands began to improve. The ritual involved in opening the cans was a constant habitual negative reinforcement.

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(As usual, listening to Seth’s long list of negative items, I couldn’t help wondering why Jane didn’t appreciate the import of such actions at least intuitively, and do something about them.)

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Quite hidden, all the habitual rituals of a family have deep psychological connotations. To change such habits is often illuminating therefore, and that is why I mention this here. Ruburt can stop trying to get everything arranged on his desk before work, so he will not have to get up for example. This is a strong negative suggestion that helps to override the conscious suggestion “I can get up easier.”

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Now there will be other such instances. Look for more of them. Whenever everything is automatically arranged to make it easier for someone who cannot get about well, this is a strong negative suggestion. The aspirins in the desk drawer and on the bookcase are another instance.

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Now you can help by pointing out anything that you notice also. Follow what I have given you in this session. You can often help each other recognize negative attitudes or remarks of which the other is not consciously aware. This does not mean to emphasize the negatives, as you should understand by now.

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