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TPS7 Deleted Session December 8, 1983 3/23 (13%) dessert news knee healing 333a

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(This is surely excellent news, I told Jane. She had other good news—but first, she told me that last night she’d really been blue for a time. The good news is that Toni, the night aide, had suggested that Jane see if she could work the nurse’s call button. I hadn’t even thought that this might be possible. Neither had Jane. She discovered to her pleasant surprise, however, that she can work it—while on her back at this time. Not the side. But once again, a new motion and strength has been added. Excellent, Jane.

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(Pause.) Tell Ruburt that his spirits can indeed rise easily. That his natural emotions are beginning to sense their new freedom—so he has only to go along, and not fear any periods of blueness. These will gradually disappear almost completely as his improvements continue.

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(4:38 PM. I was certainly glad that she had the session, I told Jane, for it contained excellent news. I was nearly elated, and felt again that surge of hope and expectation that I’ve come to learn is so valuable. The signs of healing on the ulcer on the outside of her right knee are very pronounced, compared to the size of the wound there when it had burst after she broke her leg. I told Jane the little session was her best yet—that if it would do any good I’d put it up on the wall. But she couldn’t read it.

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