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TPS7 Deleted Session December 8, 1983 4/23 (17%) dessert news knee healing 333a

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(Jane was doing well when I got to 330; her catheter is working okay. The day was 32 degrees, with the snow melting somewhat. Jane went to hydro this morning. She said Gail Greene and others told her this morning that the ulcers are all doing much better, and that the two on her right knee, especially the one on the inside, are almost healed. Some on the back are reduced to pinpoints, Jane said. I haven seen these for a long time.

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The healing processes have considerably quickened, so that the healing of the ulcers will very soon (underlined) be an accomplished fact. They are all rapidly healing.

The body will not have to use its energy very much longer in healing sores—thus freeing even more energy to set to work on the joints and muscles themselves, and the ligaments. And as the progress improves old bodily habits are also disrupted, and serve their purposes no longer.

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(4:38 PM. I was certainly glad that she had the session, I told Jane, for it contained excellent news. I was nearly elated, and felt again that surge of hope and expectation that I’ve come to learn is so valuable. The signs of healing on the ulcer on the outside of her right knee are very pronounced, compared to the size of the wound there when it had burst after she broke her leg. I told Jane the little session was her best yet—that if it would do any good I’d put it up on the wall. But she couldn’t read it.

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