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TPS7 Deleted Session December 7, 1983 3/31 (10%) catheter teresa luann georgia infection

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(Jane was upset when I got to 330 this noon: Her catheter had been completely pulled out of her this morning after hydro, when Georgia and Steve had transferred her back into bed from the litter. Staff people had tried putting it back in, but couldn’t get it to drain. Before that it had worked well. “Your wife won’t be speaking to me anymore, after what I did to her this morning,” Georgia said to me as I walked down the hall to 330. A new catheter had been inserted, but that one wasn’t working when I got there.

(1:35. Jane ate a good lunch. Jan and Georgia stopped by.

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(I read the session to Jane. At 4:10 Teresa began sounding off—but her voice sounded muted, as though she was speaking behind a closed door. Then Jane told me that Teresa is only in her mid-50’s, and that Georgia said she’s quite rational in between her spells of calling for help. I was surprised at both statements.

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