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TPS7 Deleted Session December 7, 1983 10/31 (32%) catheter teresa luann georgia infection

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(Jane was upset when I got to 330 this noon: Her catheter had been completely pulled out of her this morning after hydro, when Georgia and Steve had transferred her back into bed from the litter. Staff people had tried putting it back in, but couldn’t get it to drain. Before that it had worked well. “Your wife won’t be speaking to me anymore, after what I did to her this morning,” Georgia said to me as I walked down the hall to 330. A new catheter had been inserted, but that one wasn’t working when I got there.

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(2:30. Two new gals—one a student, stopped in to see if they could get the catheter already in place working again. I worked on mail.

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(3:30. Finished reading. Spasms. Catheter is leaking. Smoke.

(3:45. I pressed the call button for help about the catheter. I should add that throughout all of this mix-up Jane was quite upset; I could pick up from her attitude the old feelings she’d had at the house, whenever her symptoms got worse. In some fashion I knew she shouldn’t be reacting that way.

(3:47. LuAnn asked Jane if she could wait until 4:30 before getting the catheter changed. She also asked Jane to drink more in the meantime.

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There is nothing wrong with Ruburt’s bladder. He does not have an infection. The inconvenience and discomfort arising from the catheter’s use are the end results of those few lingering doubts and fears that Ruburt still has. They are projected outward onto the conditions surrounding the catheter’s use. And of course the unpleasantness that adds to his physical disomfort.

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(Seth’s statement that Jane doesn’t have an infection reminded me that months ago Marcia Kardon had very adamantly told us that when a person has a catheter inserted “they always—always—get an infection.” Jane remembered that negative suggestion.

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(4:15. Jane did a few cautious shoulder movements. “They still feel like satin,” she said, but she was careful not to move too much so as not to make the catheter leak more. “I’m tempted to tell you to move all you want to,” I said, “and forget the catheter.” I was reminded to tell her that in reviewing many of the personal sessions we’d had at the time Seth was also delivering Dreams, he’d stressed over and over again that each time her body had tried to heal itself, with sore muscles resulting, Jane had tightened herself back up. She had consistently misunderstood the messages her body was giving her. “If you’d paid attention to those messages, and gotten over that hump,” I said, “you might not be here now.”

(4:23. LuAnn and Sharon came in to change the catheter just as I started to read some sessions to Jane. They had some trouble, but finally made it. They had to roll Jane back and forth while changing the chuck and the drawsheet; Jane cried—the first time I’d heard her do that in some weeks.

(4:55. Jane ended up back on her back, and had a cigarette. LuAnn had told her to call her—LuAnn—whenever she had catheter trouble.

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