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You have only to be open and receptive. When you think in terms of having (in quotes) “a certain amount of ability,” then you become concerned that you use every portion of it, when in greater terms no such “it” exists.

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Your knowledge of form now can work for you automatically, serving to give structure to those ideas which will come to you freely and clearly. Your own (in quotes) “psychic abilities” now give you easy (underlined) access to inspiration. You must forget the idea as you have it, that your painting must serve to work out problems. In that framework you set problems.

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In doodles, in oils, in whatever suits you, and whatever suits you over a period of time, will find its own pattern. Do not harness yourself with the idea that you had (underlined) “so much” (in quotes) ability, and that you have not used it. That is not the case. You have instead an open channel. You chose to spend a good amount of time dealing with form.

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Wheat fields for example, filled not only with the vitality of sun and growth but bristling with creativity that (in quotes) “destroyed” each part of itself in death, that was transformed instantaneously into a new spectacular form in which the creativity and destruction were always apparent, and yet one in which violence was necessarily turned into life.

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His “success” (in quotes) was no success to him. The illumination that makes great paintings, again, has nothing to do with time. A man may work for nearly a century and not attain it, or it may come tomorrow afternoon.

Van Gogh was true to his vision, which means he was true to the self he created for himself in that time, and so must you be. But you must also have faith in what you have done, for it was all done in faithful rendering of your view of reality (in quotes) “at any given time.” And therefore the fact for example that you withheld certain kinds of emotion from it is not a failure.

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