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TPS2 Deleted Session December 4, 1972 5/52 (10%) paintings josef fake quotes channel

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Talent does not come in quantities. Instead people have varying abilities to use any of an infinite number of channels, any one of which in your terms leads to an inexhaustible source. The channels by their nature will translate and shape creative energy with their unique dimensions.

You are not given 800 or 5,000 milligrams of talent. You are given your own nature, certain portions of it naturally tuning in to what in your case you could call the channel of art. You sense its great dimensions, the richness of its complexity. You are particularly attuned to it.

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You naturally express your nature through your use of the channel of art. Your ability to draw upon that channel is endless. The certain-amount-of-ability idea is highly limiting. It forces upon you a sense of responsibility to use what you have, while instead it should mean simply being what you are, and being what you are (underlined) will automatically produce excellent paintings.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

In doodles, in oils, in whatever suits you, and whatever suits you over a period of time, will find its own pattern. Do not harness yourself with the idea that you had (underlined) “so much” (in quotes) ability, and that you have not used it. That is not the case. You have instead an open channel. You chose to spend a good amount of time dealing with form.

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Now you cannot regard your ability as something apart from yourself, which you must use. It is instead your own characteristic method of expressing reality, of perceiving inner data; the particular channel of your own understanding, learning and application, to which there are no limits.

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