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TPS3 Deleted Session December 3, 1973 6/45 (13%) money concentrate beliefs declarative artist

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Now, give us a moment.... Ruburt basically believed that if he did his own thing—writing—money would come to him. For a while, as given much earlier, he was worried about money, believing poverty the mark of the artist. The latter belief fell, however, and in three years the financial picture has changed vastly for the better.

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You felt you must make money, and so a conflict developed. Ruburt’s beliefs on his own, concerning his writing and money, carried the ball despite his worrying tendencies. You believed that his best work would bring money too, and so you had no conflicting beliefs about money in that regard.

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You believe you can make money. A simple declarative belief, but it is qualified. You believe you can make money—if you are a commercial artist, or if you take a job, or if you do almost anything else but your best work as an artist. You believe you are a good artist—a simple declarative belief. Between the two beliefs however there is some conflict, since you believe you also need money for your self-respect, but that you cannot get it by being an artist, which you feel is your focus of identity, and highly concerned with self-respect.

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All of this was based upon your much earlier beliefs that life was short and that all of your energies must be put into your work. This was literally interpreted, and all other impulses systematically denied until, say, a shopping endeavor like today’s must be first thought out as good or bad. Earlier, spending money on anything not strictly necessary was bad, because it might detract from money needed to allow you to work. Money used meant that you might have to look for work again and not be able to develop your abilities.

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In this period just passed Ruburt encountered your family in a crisis situation, opened to influences previously denied in terms of some brief traveling and dining out and spending money, while considering the very large expenditure for the house, and at the same time not working regularly or having my sessions.

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The money in the bank is real. It is the result of beliefs. Ruburt did not concentrate upon the problem of, say, possible poverty. Ruburt’s flexibility and health is as real in the inner world as that money is. More than that, it is ready to manifest physically, but you must not concentrate upon its “seeming lack.”

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