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The beliefs cause the effects—most important—and you must each follow me here: for the following week continue with my book as given, but concentrate upon your work, each of you, your daily joys. Above all do not concentrate upon the problem, and in your minds to whatever extent possible, minimize it.

*(Louder:) *That last sentence is not beyond your abilities. Unless you believe that the problem is insoluble, out of your control—and if you believe that you had better immediately examine that belief, for it is false. You cannot concentrate upon the problem as a problem. And solve it. Concentrate upon it, if you must, as a challenge. You would do better if you forgot it as best you could.

The money in the bank is real. It is the result of beliefs. Ruburt did not concentrate upon the problem of, say, possible poverty. Ruburt’s flexibility and health is as real in the inner world as that money is. More than that, it is ready to manifest physically, but you must not concentrate upon its “seeming lack.”

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You have freedom to concentrate your attention. Choose simply to change that concentration away from Ruburt’s symptoms, each of you, whenever you find yourself concentrating upon them. You do not have to deny the effects that you observe. Simply tell yourself to concentrate upon something else.

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