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TPS7 Deleted Session December 27, 1983 2/38 (5%) andrew endorsed sue 98.2 cooked

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(Sue Watkins was there when I got to 330 at 1:05 PM. The three of us had a good visit, full of jokes. Sue told us a little about the death of her father, and left presents for us, which we decided to open tomorrow. Sue doesn’t know whether she’ll end up living down here or not, from New York State.

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(3:20. I worked with mail a little. Then I opened the presents Sue had left us. One of them was a large, vividly colored parrot that I managed to hang from the wooden frame of the bulletin board at the foot of Jane’s bed, so she could see it. Truly a creative and original gift. In fact, Jane said, it was a more valid and true statement of reality than the other gift from SueAfter Man, by Dougal Dixon. It’s a pictorial projection of evolutionary trends 50 million years hence. At first Jane and I wondered why Sue would give us such a book, knowing our views on evolution. Regardless of that, I eventually decided that I was glad to receive the gift, no matter what Sue does or doesn’t know about evolution. It was a beautiful compendium of all of the fallacies and distortions and wishing-thinkings concerning the scientific view of evolution.

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