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TPS7 Deleted Session December 27, 1983 1/38 (3%) andrew endorsed sue 98.2 cooked

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(Naturally the book has been endorsed by all the right scientists and organizations and reviewers. “Suppose those people had endorsed your stuff like that?” I asked Jane. “I’d disown it,” she replied. Actually, the beasts and birds and fishes pictured in the book all seemed to be regressive, rather than to show what true progress in evolution might be like. I thought it really was a reflection of the author’s fears more than anything else. Jane and I spent some little time discussing it. But then, it’s impossible to write about evolution without contradicting oneself—if one believes in it, I said. The same goes for the current theories of “the origin of life” in scientific terms. There’s a section on that in the book, full of words like perhaps, maybe, must have, some, probably, could have, and so forth. What a pity. I said to Jane, that in my hand I held the best man could do about understanding his origins at this time. Pathetic.

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