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TPS7 Deleted Session December 27, 1983 2/38 (5%) andrew endorsed sue 98.2 cooked

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(I should add that at 2:30 I called to see if Andrew Fife was in his office at billing, since I wanted to show him the claim-denial reports I’d received from the insurance company the day before Christmas. But he wasn’t in for the day.

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(Today when I called his office, I found out that Andrew Fife was on vacation until January 3, so I’ll see him then. The girl I spoke to knows our case, so I explained what I wanted to show Andrew. She said the claim denials were “ridiculous,” and that our lawyer “will get a good laugh out of them.” I’d quoted the stock line of refusal on each of the four claims to her, so that she knew what I was talking about.

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