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TPS7 Deleted Session December 25, 1983 3/21 (14%) suction plate christmas georgia decoration

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(Today, Christmas Day, was very cold indeed—below zero last night, and only 10 above when I left for the hospital this noon. I warmed up the car first, as I’d done yesterday. Jane was doing well. No hydro this morning. In 330 I found presents from the Bumbalos for both of us. Georgia made Jane a beautiful wool small-size covering or blanket. Peg and Bill Gallagher visited Jane at 11:00 last night, sneaking in through the emergency exit, Jane said, and left presents, including wine, for us. I didn’t expect presents from anybody, and so hadn’t planned to get anything for others beside Jane. Jane and I exchanged our own gifts—candy for her, designer jeans—black and gray—for me [to my great surprise].

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(At noon Georgia brought in a heaping plate of lasagna, salad and chicken wings, which I hardly ate in all the excitement. Several of the staff gave Jane little gifts. Patty played two flute solos for us in 330. Later in the afternoon Jane and I had small portions of the ice-cream cake I’d bought for the staff; very rich.

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(She was also having an occasional spasm during the afternoon’s activities. Georgia got us some ice and we each had a glass of the wine the Gallaghers had left.

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