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TPS7 Deleted Session December 25, 1983 5/21 (24%) suction plate christmas georgia decoration

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(Today, Christmas Day, was very cold indeed—below zero last night, and only 10 above when I left for the hospital this noon. I warmed up the car first, as I’d done yesterday. Jane was doing well. No hydro this morning. In 330 I found presents from the Bumbalos for both of us. Georgia made Jane a beautiful wool small-size covering or blanket. Peg and Bill Gallagher visited Jane at 11:00 last night, sneaking in through the emergency exit, Jane said, and left presents, including wine, for us. I didn’t expect presents from anybody, and so hadn’t planned to get anything for others beside Jane. Jane and I exchanged our own gifts—candy for her, designer jeans—black and gray—for me [to my great surprise].

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(But while we were eating those portions, another new development in Jane’s progress occurred —and an important one. She suddenly asked me to lay the paper dish holding the cake on her lap, and to give her the spoon. She then proceeded to feed herself—awkwardly, it’s true, and with her left hand—but she managed to carry it through, to my complete surprise. She was very pleased at the accomplishment. She said she’d asked mentally that she have some new development to show me on Christmas Day.

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Now: I bid you a Merry Christmas, as you understand the term. And I will be glad to add to my comment (in the last session) of yesterday, concerning the ancient roots of the holiday season, if you will remind me later in the week.

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(4:41 PM. It was almost time to turn Jane on her side, but first I read the session to her. When I did turn her, I massaged her with Oil of Olay, then went out to run up the car. It was very cold once more, but the car started okay. I left behind in 330 two complete trays for Christmas dinner. Jane had eaten so much through the afternoon that she wasn’t really hungry. I wasn’t too ravenous myself, so I took a nap until 5:45, and we began eating a little before 6:00.

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