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TPS7 Deleted Session December 24, 1983 3/36 (8%) mcclure christmas madeline ragged season

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(Jane ate a good lunch. I filled out the menu for tomorrow so that I too would receive a full Christmas dinner to eat with her. I described to Jane a very strong, vivid dream I’d had last night of her being fully recovered and in excellent health. The scene was at a neighbor’s down the street we lived on—not Pinnacle Road—where there was a party going on. Bob McClure, who is dead, was there. I was telling everybody that Jane had just spontaneously recovered her health and the ability of walking: I could see dimples in her knees as she moved about. She was telling people—many of them strangers—about all of it too. I knew this was an excellent dream.

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(“What was Bob McClure’s role in my dream of Jane walking last night?”)

McClure represented beliefs, again, that were once friendly, but have passed away.

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