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(3:40. I returned to 330 from talking with Madeline Sullivan of social services. There’s no need to go into detail as to what we talked about. I explained to Jane that much of it was a rehash of what I’ve told other social service workers. We had a good exchange, and she’s a very understanding, perceptive lady. She made no notes, saying she usually doesn’t in order to keep other people from reviewing her files later. Who she may tell about our interview, I don’t know.

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(She explained that Jane hadn’t been offered a room on the second floor—because there wasn’t adequate staff to take care of her. [Jane later said Fred Kardon might have mentioned this some time ago; I don’t recall.] Madeline Sullivan said we were well off as far as our insurance goes, and I laughed and said, “Yes, only we can’t collect.” But she knows from family experience, she said, about troubles with medical expenses, insurance, and so forth. She said something about hospital policy being to review cases after a six-month period, but I couldn’t elicit from her when Jane’s current six-month period might have begun. The end of it could be as far off as next summer, I’m not at all sure.

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