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TPS7 Deleted Session December 21, 1983 2/27 (7%) christina favorable unchosen infirmary till

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Imagine you have a kind of children’s book. It consists of many dots, and you are to connect some and color them. As you look, you can see the dim outlines of many pictures or events—some favorable, some clearly less favorable, and some definitely unsavory. You concentrate upon connecting those points that will give you the most favorable events, and it is these pictures that you color in. The others you ignore, and when the picture is finished that you want, then looking back you can see how the completed picture completely obscured the other possible ones, so that they disappeared entirely in the completed project.

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The probabilities unchosen may in fact be changed completely, or altered considerably, and even used as springboards, or starting-off points, for more favorable events.

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