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TPS7 Deleted Session December 20, 1983 6/31 (19%) kim pete evans fred infirmary

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(Our scheduled meeting with Kim Evans, director of social services at the Chemung County Infirmary, and Connie Lido, head nurse there, took place at about 1:40 This afternoon. Jane was eating lunch when they came in to 330. The meeting went about as planned. I suppose both sides scored points, or exchanged information, but I told them we weren’t signing any admission papers. Jane told them she didn’t want to go there. We received an unwelcome surprise when Kim told us that on November 18 Fred Kardon had signed a paper stating that Jane no longer required acute care. We hadn’t been told this.

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(I went over to the Infirmary’s office with them after the meeting to get a bunch of papers Kim wanted to give me, because doing it this way would save me an extra trip sometime later. While there I expressed quite plainly my opinion that Jane and I were being manipulated, that I was getting mad at everybody. I wanted her to get that message, and told her Pete H. would be calling. She gave me a lot of figures I only partially understood. She also asked me about Jane’s assets. When I gave a rough estimate, she said that ruled out applying for something called Hill-Burton funds for payment toward the insurance bill, I believe. In other words, one has to be indigent before any help is offered, it seems.

(Kim told me Jane is second on the list for admission to the facility now. “It could happen tomorrow or six months from now,” she said, meaning an opening. She seemed receptive when I explained our need for privacy, that it was vital therapy, and talked of moving Jane directly into a private room. But if that didn’t work out, Jane would have to wait her turn in a double room—and there was no telling how long that could take, she said. So I see no real offer of help there.

(“That’s the system,” Connie Lido said when I told her Fred hadn’t told us he’d signed that form. Over in her office, Kim Evans said that the report on Jane noted that her joints were “frozen.” and I explained to her that that wasn’t the case at all—another instance of lack of communication. She also explained something to me about indigence—how, after a certain period of time Jane and I would be considered separate people so that she could qualify Medicaid payments, I believe—and that, even if they got after me to make up those payments, I could refuse to do so. This is certainly garbled—but she made some notes on it, and I’ll be giving them to Pete, or at least telling him about them when I call him in the morning.

(In short, I told Kim Evans, the system stinks, and I’m mad about the whole thing. So be it. As I told Jane when I got back to 330 around 3:00, all even the Infirmary wants is the money—that’s why they’re suddenly interested in her, because her name is moved up the list, and they know that somehow they’ll make a profit on the deal, either through self-pay, insurance, or whatnot. In the meantime, when she wasn’t available, they didn’t give a hoot.

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(I did call Pete at 9:00 AM. and outlined as best I could yesterday’s events. I’m to mail him all the forms and figures I got from Kim Evans. Pete said that at the moment he was as confused as I was. “These people all speak their own languages,” he said, “and if you’re on the outside you don’t know what they’re saying.” Too true.

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