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TPS7 Deleted Session December 19, 1983 2/40 (5%) phyllis pete fred patch steve

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(In between those calls, Steve Blumenthal called, and I told him that Jane and I had decided not to go through with the tape deal. It was harder for me to tell him than I thought it would be, since I didn’t want to hurt anyone, etc. Steve took it well, and is going to use up the retainer he gave the Ithaca lawyer to have her ask Prentice-Hall some questions, etc. It’s a free country, I said, he can ask them anything he likes, I suppose. I turned down his request to sign a letter of authorization. I said that I didn’t want the extra stress involved with the tape deal, that we’d dealt with our publisher for many years, and that I didn’t look forward to being in an adversarial position vis-à-vis them. I’m in enough adversarial positions now, what with insurance companies, doctors, infirmaries, and so forth. Steve is to keep in touch.

(When I called Pete back I told him about the Steve affair, and he said I should think twice before I cut out something that might give us extra income in the future. Perhaps. I said I shut the door on Steve, but didn’t slam it. Pete agreed with my reasons for cutting the affair short, though. “I don’t see how you do what you’re doing now,” he said.

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