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(Phyllis took care of Jane this morning. She hadn’t examined my wife for some little while, and so was quite surprised at the progress. She told Jane that all the kids on the floor really admire her for the way she “withstood all that pain and agony.” Then added, “Those antibiotics must have done you a lot of good.” Jane laughed and said, “Phyllis I haven’t had any antibiotics for months. I just told myself I’d get well.”

(“Really?” Phyllis asked. “Well, maybe....” I’m paraphrasing, of course. But the incident made me think that it’s a pity nursing students aren’t taught valid facts of life, instead of the medical dogmas that often prolong illness. And Jane likes Phyllis—she’s a good nurse, my wife said. But how nice if they were taught that the unimpeded body is only too willing to heal itself.

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(At 4:25 Phyllis cleaned Jane’s ears at her request—and with the swab drew out of my wife’s left ear the drainage tube that she’d had inserted almost two years ago. It had worked itself loose. Phyllis said that probably the eardrum is healed. Then when she changed the patch on Jane’s nose, that protects against the hard bridge of her glasses, Phyllis discovered that the irritated and sore nose had healed itself under the patch, unknown to all, since the patch has been there a long while. She put on a new one, though, to protect the tender bridge of the nose while it heals even more. Jane wears her glasses many hours a day, though she still takes them off when she sleeps, she said.

(Luke and Lois Hutter were visiting her house and husband and kids out in the country, Phyllis said, and she called the house to see if they’d arrived yet. I talked to Luke on the phone—at first, I could tell, he didn’t know who I was. But he sounded the same after I became a little more familiar with his voice.

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(Jane had read my summary of yesterday’s events, holding the pages up with both hands in what already seems like a more normal way for her—as if she’d been doing so all along. She also showed me how she could much more easily turn her head from side to side, and around, than she has been able to. Very good, I told her—another sign. When LuAnn was in she replaced the new nose patch that Georgia had put on to replace the one Phyllis had put on yesterday—the first one had been too big, the second too small, the third one was just right.

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