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(Jane told me that Fred Kardon was in to see her this morning. He’s going away for a week —to Florida—just when we may need his cooperation. Fred hadn’t heard from Pete, she learned. Jane said she explained some of the insurance situation. Fred told her that the other places had rejected her because of the ulcers. No one had told us this—not even Andy Fife. Fred said the insurance hassle is “a matter of writing letters back and forth.” Jane wasn’t sure when he was leaving, but it’s probably tomorrow morning, or even tonight. I’ll have Pete try to get in touch with him first thing in the morning.

(However, a little thought shows that Fred’s departure may actually work to our advantage—slowing down any precipitous decision on the part of the Chemung County Infirmary to want to possibly move Jane over there; if he isn’t present to give advise, officials may not be able to reach a decision, except to leave her alone—which is what we want.

(However, this morning, Jane said, Fred was amazed at the way the large ulcer on the outside of her right knee is healing itself. Jane told him she wants her legs to straighten enough so that she can start sitting up. Fred said they had a way to go. In reply she said, “Bob and I massage and exercise them every day.” That was all.

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(This morning I called Pete Harpending, and passed on the information from Jane that Fred Kardon was out of town this week—on vacation in Florida. “Not bad, huh?” I told Pete about the prospective evaluation by the people from the infirmary a block away, and mentioned to him that Jane didn’t want to be moved. Pete told me that he’d called Mary Krebs back, or that she had called him, a second time on that first day last week—Friday. Then later in the morning I had to call him back to tell him about Ms. Murdock in social services, and the 16-hours-a-day private nursing proposal in connection with the infirmary.

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(4:20. She showed me how she could open up her legs more than before, and extend the right one down more. She’d done this in hydro today also. She also noticed the difference in length of her legs, from hip to knee. “I think Fred figured I’d never walk again, so it didn’t matter what happened to the right one after I broke it,” she said. I agreed. She’d never had the leg in a cast or sling, as she had the arm.

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