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It must be seen in its entirety. It takes for granted abilities that are extraordinary, abilities that are not enjoyed by most. The purpose, a good one, was to protect and develop them in the circumstances in which Ruburt found himself, and in line with his other ideas about the nature of reality.

The dedication, again, is extraordinary. Taken for granted also is a life relationship with another, and a determination to work out problems within that context; again, a loyalty and love that many have not yet attained. For all of your problems, each of you take your life relationship and your life journey as your lot, accepting the loyalty of the other without question.

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Now. Let’s return to the basis: the dedication to “work.” This in itself is good, but his idea of “work” was what limited him, and what is still limiting him. His life is his “work.” This includes his particular, unique, extraordinary abilities; but these spring out of his life, and even out of his relationship with you.

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([December 17, Monday 1973. Jane:] Part of me feels that the symptoms are an acceptable even ingenious way of seeing that distractions are cut to a minimum; to focus my abilities, like a kid getting a cold to stay in, but more sophisticated, cuts through the necessity for explanations, etc. I think that the symptoms have been a means, and less drastic than some taken by others like Van Gogh for instance [though Picasso just let it all hang out]. Extraordinary talent takes extraordinary discipline, and the symptoms can be used against any distraction.

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