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TPS7 Deleted Session December 16, 1983 6/40 (15%) pete fife insurance hagen infirmary

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(Because I was impatient after breakfast this morning I called Pete Harpending’s office at 8:30. He wasn’t in. I left a message, and he called fifteen minutes later. I explained the insurance situation to him. Pete said that few such cases go to litigation—which surprised me a bit. In his own experience, he’s handled only one such case. I gave him the names and phone number of Kathy Hagen, the Blue Cross supervisor who had seemingly turned down our major medical claim, and read to him the statement as to why that Andrew Fife had given me yesterday afternoon. Then I gave Pete Mary Krebs’s phone number, in Utilization Review at the hospital; she determines the level of patient care, reviews medical records, etc. Pete said he’d call back.

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(In 330, Jane told me that she’d had to have her catheter changed around 11:00 last night—they did it four times or so before they got it right, she said. She slept okay afterward. I woke up stewing about insurance around 2:30 AM.

(“Maybe you can light a fire under Fred about the letter,” I’d told Pete. So far, then, events have fallen into line with Seth’s material yesterday—about the probable lack of a lawsuit, an early resolving of the insurance question, and with Jane’s own feelings about same, at the end of yesterday’s session. Pete hadn’t asked me for any files or records, as I’d expected him to.

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(4:50.) Comments. You both handled yesterday’s situation *(re insurance) *fairly well—in far better fashions, for example, than you might have years ago under the same circumstances.

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(Jane, perhaps Seth can tell us next time how we could have reacted even better yesterday to the insurance challenge.

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(I was already thinking that we didn’t want to move in any direction until the insurance matter was cleared up, lest it appear that we were running scared. If we moved now, I thought, we might end up stuck with a bill for $50,000, if the insurance refused to cover it under our old setup. I knew I’d be calling Pete first thing Monday to tell him about this. I also knew there were few private rooms in the Infirmary, and that if we lost our privacy it would interfere greatly with our work together—and that the creative work is as much a part of therapy as anything else. Why did this have to happen now? I wondered as I hung up, just when it seems we might get somewhere. But actually, this latest twist was a result of our trying to get somewhere, and might actually work to our benefit with the insurance company, once they were told that my wife couldn’t be moved. That was the message I want to get across to them, with Pete’s help.

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