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TPS7 Deleted Session December 15, 1983 4/35 (11%) insurance andrew fife news bureaucratic

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(This morning at about 11:15 I got a call from a girl in the billing department at the hospital. She told me that Blue Cross has turned down the major medical claim for Jane, to their surprise. I was surprised and not surprised, mostly not, I guess. The girl sounded embarrassed to tell me the news. I said I’d see Andrew Fife after 2:30 this afternoon. The girl said something about Jane and “skilled nursing care,” but I didn’t really understand her, and let that go. At once I thought of an appeal through Pete Harpending, of course, and a possible lawsuit.

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(I’d debated with myself about not telling Jane the insurance news until I had a chance to ask Seth about it while she was in trance, but soon decided that wouldn’t be fair. I told her, then, not long after arriving in 330. Half-crying, she said her good news about turning hardly equaled the bad news about insurance. I stressed the fact that her turning was indeed excellent news, and meant that she was on her way to even better things. It is vitally important, I said, and her continuing improvement has the power to solve our other challenges, as I noted once some time ago in a session.

(Jane knows this. At the same time she began having bladder spasms after I’d broken the news. This morning her catheter had irrigated okay, although the urine is cloudy. I mentioned that, obviously, I’d like Seth to comment on the insurance business. This morning I’d reread his brief passages in the session for December 3, in which he’d noted that the affair would be settled to our satisfaction. Now I wondered what was going on, of course. I wondered about a shift in probabilities.

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(Andrew Fife said Blue Cross wouldn’t want the publicity of a suit in a case like ours, but I said they must go through this all the time. “You sound like me,” he said. My news upon returning to 330 didn’t help Jane any, but I thought she was taking it very well, everything considered.

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