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(Then she said that off and on for a couple of hours last night she got very blue—awful, she said —crying and calling for me. This was before midnight. Then she was fine, and slept well. Actually she didn’t elaborate very much on the episode. I thought her spell might fit in with Seth’s recent material that her blue periods would gradually vent themselves away.

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(Debbie had left at 9:00. Shortly after that Cathy and another girl came in and turned Jane on her side. The blue period started after that. Jane said she really cried out loud—calling my name out to help her get well, and so forth. This went on for some time. Cathy came in once and asked her what the trouble was. “I need to give myself a good kick in the ass,” Jane replied, and asked Cathy to turn her back on her back. The crying went on after that, too, but then, before midnight, Jane said, the period of blueness was gone. She slept well after that: “Yeah, I woke up this morning and my mood was fine—I spontaneously felt good. I decided I’d better keep track of the times I spontaneously feel good....”

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(And Jane, now I’ll tell you that as you had a crying spell last night—so have I at various times since you went into the hospital last April. I remember that once I woke up in bed, after midnight, and burst into tears as I thought about you. The spell must have lasted for at least half an hour; it went on and on. Other times I would suddenly begin crying as I ate breakfast, or heard a familiar song on television, or sat at my typewriter working on Dreams. I always knew that these episodes were therapeutic. They began to taper off after you resumed the sessions in early October, and I haven’t had one now—not outright crying—for several weeks. But for a long time—months—I lived with tears just beneath the surface, you might say, as I wondered what was going to happen to us, why you were so sick, what we’d done wrong all those years, and so forth. I learned to live with those feelings, but it was a different kind of life than I’d ever known. For a long while I was resigned to them.

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