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TPS7 Deleted Session December 12, 1983 3/37 (8%) stylized andrew tries chart dollars

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(A monthly chart lay on Andrew’s desk, and I read it upside down. Jane’s name was on the first page. We are due around $50,000 from the insurance company now on the major medical claim, but according to the chart, we’ll owe but $3,501.54 of that amount. Andrew didn’t discuss it with me. He tried to call Syracuse but the line was busy. He’s to talk to them and let me know what he finds out. The search goes on. I’m keeping Seth’s information about bureaucratic bungling in mind, I told Jane; it appears that he is quite right.

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When this natural give-and-take continues, the individual is happy, healthy, And feels at one with the universe itself. Children possess this natural ease at a very early age. (Pause.) Conventional wisdom tries to standardize such behavior, however, in an attempt to form a cohesive general view of reality. People are, therefore, taught to give up their own private view of the universe, and to substitute for it a prepackaged, rather bland picture so that everyone more or less agrees with this standard version.

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(Long pause at 4:28.) A strain develops in the personality as it tries to be faithful to its own private picture of reality, even while it tries to obediently conform to the publicly accepted picture. Dissatisfactions and illnesses then often result as the personality tries to go in two directions at once, and to please both the private and the public parts of its experience. In many cases people forget (long pause) their native, natural method of seeing themselves and the world, and turn outward to the stylized version—and in so doing they lose sight of vital portions of their own identities.

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