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People must be able to share their views of reality with their fellows, of course—but in your society you are taught to substitute a stylized version for the highly individualistic and unique view of reality that is your own.

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(Long pause at 4:28.) A strain develops in the personality as it tries to be faithful to its own private picture of reality, even while it tries to obediently conform to the publicly accepted picture. Dissatisfactions and illnesses then often result as the personality tries to go in two directions at once, and to please both the private and the public parts of its experience. In many cases people forget (long pause) their native, natural method of seeing themselves and the world, and turn outward to the stylized version—and in so doing they lose sight of vital portions of their own identities.

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This causes many people to feel as if they were travelers in some strange land—but instead of receiving intimate letters from home, they receive only stylized postcard pictures, that do not bear any resemblance to the home they vaguely remember.

The messages are so general that they could refer to any number of people. These postcard messages usually bear the stylized (long pause) versions of reality that are sent out by various religions or organizations. Each person is born, however, with his or her—let me correct that—each person is born there with a private natural religion—one that rises from the springs of the individual psyche, and one that provides an easy, custom-made method of dealing with inner and outer reality. It is important, therefore, that such persons rediscover their natural heritage, and put themselves in touch once more with this inner, natural “religion.” End of session.

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