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TPS7 Deleted Session December 12, 1983 2/37 (5%) stylized andrew tries chart dollars

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(1:30. Jane ate very well. An hour later I called Andrew Fife in billing; he was out for 15 minutes, and would call back, a girl said. I started my daily notes. When Andrew called I went to see him, showing him the two latest communications from Blue Cross, with the new claim numbers for Jane’s account; he copied them, and reiterated that the company was stalling: “It helps their cash flow, but it doesn’t do anything for ours.” A lot of money is involved—millions of dollars, upon which Blue Cross can collect extra interest by postponing their payments to clients, he said.

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(I didn’t ask my wife who the eight dollars were for. “You can start a new Seth book any time you want to.”

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