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TPS7 Deleted Session December 11, 1983 5/31 (16%) staff kleenex fragile billing bedsores

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(When I got to 330 at 1:05 today I discovered that Jane was free of two more pathos on her ulcer sites—they were gone from inside her right knee, and her right shoulder. In addition, the ulcer on the outside of her right knee has shrunk so much that it no longer needs irrigation with each shift of the staff daily. Such is her remarkable healing progress, as Seth has been referring to it. In other words, we can chalk up three more improvements.

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(1:30. Jane ate a good lunch. The day staff made the decision that I’d probably buy an ice cream log for their Christmas party, at which many goodies will be served; I’ll get to take some home also. There was much kidding around. “Let the night shift look out for themselves,” Jan said. Georgia had braided Jane’s hair this morning on both sides, since my wife didn’t go to hydro.

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(4:05. Jane had barely started some little motions when the staff—Cathy and Lorrie—started coming in to take her temperature—97.5—blood pressure, pulse, etc. She had a smoke afterward and began a few exercises again, moving her head and shoulders side to side and up and down, in rhythm with her left foot going gently. She made a few noises; her breathing picked up.

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(When I asked. Jane said she has picked up from staff people at various times that they thought her skin was fragile and would break down easily—”that a good wind would blow me away, things like that....”

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(Once again, Jane ate a good supper after her massage, and I had napped. I read the prayer to her at 7:05, and left a few minutes later when Cathy and Sharon came in to fix her up. Steve and Tracy had called during supper, and Jane had said she’d see them. I didn’t expect to. The two staff people obviously wanted to be through with Jane before company came.

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