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TPS7 Deleted Session December 11, 1983 2/31 (6%) staff kleenex fragile billing bedsores

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(I brought with me Kleenex, candy, popcorn and the poinsettia plant I bought for Jane at the Acme last night. I turned her on her back after she had a cigarette. The room wasn’t too warm.

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(4:30 PM. Jane suddenly began to cough. She asked for a Kleenex. I thought the session material might have bothered her, since from it, it seemed that the negative suggestions given by Georgia yesterday were still on her mind. But she said no, that there seemed to be “glue” on the new Sea Bond insert I’d applied to her lower teeth during break, so that she could eat supper in comfort. She said she could taste it. In retrospect, I remembered that when I applied the material it had seemed to stick more quickly than usual—so it must have contained more adhesive than usual. It came out of the same package as the others used recently.

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