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TPS7 Deleted Session December 10, 1983 2/24 (8%) georgia bedsores georgie propagate forcefully

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(Today, December 10, the day was warmer—35—but rainy and sort of gloomy. Jane was okay. She told me that she’d had to counter negative suggestions given to her in hydro this morning by both Lottie and Georgia, relative to new bedsores breaking out beside the sits of old ones—in other words, she was always to have bedsores. Jane most forcefully told the kids that she wouldn’t, and that she didn’t want such suggestions. Georgia agreed, though I don’t know to what extent she might have been surprised by Jane’s reactions on the spot.

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(We were interrupted by Sharon Hawley as she came into 330 to take Jane’s temperature—97—and BP and pulse. In our discussion afterward Jane said she responds to negative suggestions much more quickly and forcefully than she used to.

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