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TPS4 Deleted Session August 9, 1978 3/40 (8%) mouse intentioned hunter prey kill

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Your dream was an excellent rendition, for here you have men unaware of the mouse’s dilemma to such an extent that it was beside the point—so taken for granted that it became invisible. The purpose to eat was good—well-intentioned. But the means were not those that would benefit all involved, for the mouse died no quick death.

A cat knows how to kill a mouse, and the consciousness of the mouse knows when to leave. Certain mechanisms are triggered that are inherent. They are not triggered as easily under conditions alien to the mouse’s understanding of its and the hunter’s biological natures.

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You could have “meditated” upon it. You do not appreciate your own dream, or your appreciation of it is too remote—and yes, it does contain some reincarnational data, for it shows you a moment in a life when a decision was made, even though the emotional disgust that you felt at the time was separated from you—for the mouse at the time stood not only for itself but also for the victims of war, burned bodies you had seen while soldiers went about the remains to see what loot might be left.

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