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You know that physical symptoms are the materialization in the body of inner dis-ease. They are apparent and easily recognized. Now, not writing poetry was also a symptom of inner disease, not so readily recognized as such. While the intuitional abilities first appeared in poetry, and while the poetry in one way was a channel into other areas, the poetry was not meant to be shut off because new areas were opened.

Any work blockages are also symptoms. Seldom therefore do physical symptoms appear alone. They are usually studied almost in isolation, but wherever they appear their counterparts will be found to one extent or another, in all the activities in which a personality is involved. It is only when these less visible, less apparent symptoms are ignored, when the causes for them are not sought or found, that physical symptoms show themselves.

The nonphysical symptoms will also appear in various guises, often symbolically within the dream state long before any physical symptoms appear. Behind any kind of symptom, regardless of its nature, or the specific problem, there is usually a blocking off of spontaneity that is caused by fear. Either the individual no longer trusts the purpose toward which his energy is being expended, or perhaps worse, he feels that there is no reason, or that he has no purpose, and does not know in which direction to turn his energy.

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I have told him that concentration on his work will dissipate the rest of his symptoms, but he adopted a too-conscious (underlined) deliberation here. He should write his book the same way that he writes his poetry—not demand of himself, but simply and quietly and joyfully expect.

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Contradictory feelings can also be expressed through the body, tell him. Remind him. Tell him also to shake his arms downward from both the elbow and the shoulder, and in a playful manner, as if he were a rag doll perhaps. His idea about the morning symptoms was correct—knowing this will minimize them.

The depressions have virtually disappeared. Several symptoms in both the hands and the feet have also disappeared within the last three weeks. The Friday syndrome is just about entirely gone—so again, do not concentrate upon the symptoms that remain. They will vanish as well.

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