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The nonphysical symptoms will also appear in various guises, often symbolically within the dream state long before any physical symptoms appear. Behind any kind of symptom, regardless of its nature, or the specific problem, there is usually a blocking off of spontaneity that is caused by fear. Either the individual no longer trusts the purpose toward which his energy is being expended, or perhaps worse, he feels that there is no reason, or that he has no purpose, and does not know in which direction to turn his energy.

In Ruburt’s case therefore the distrust of spontaneity was indeed reflected in all areas of his life, particularly in spontaneous activities in both physical and creative realms. The sexual portion of his being also reflected the blockage in spontaneity. No problem therefore will be expressed in one way only. You are highly creative creatures. As the joy of life is reflected in all of your acts, affecting your work, bodies, environment and the people you meet, so your problems are also faithfully reflected in all of these areas.

Sitting down at the desk to write poetry, the act and intention automatically reminds Ruburt of all the times that he has written poetry before, and primes the pump, so to speak. When this is done, as it was this evening, easily, getting up and down from the floor does the same thing physically, reminding the body and the mind of successful performances in the past. With each success, the failures fade away. The same applies to running. Ruburt does not need his conscious mind to perform as a guardian. It is indeed the spontaneous self, as he is now realizing, who is the guardian.

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Give us a moment. It is not now so much a matter of relaxing, as going joyfully along with. Now this is what I have been after. The position (emphatic) of the arms has symbolically represented the degree of resistance to spontaneity. At his worst the arms would be like this, you see, as if to hold back—

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He learned, or relearned, something quite important this evening with the poetry—the feeling of spontaneity and creativity, and will be able to apply some of this now to the physical condition. A more playful attitude should be adopted when he gets up and down from the floor, and in the running. Have him see himself on the floor, for example, and get there without too much concentration upon the method or the muscles used, as this will take care of itself.

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He has actually been trying too hard on the dream book—his mental set. The spontaneous attitude of a joyful endeavor will release him here. His attitude has been “I have to start my dream book.” Tell him that his dream book will start itself if he leaves himself alone. The attitude has impeded his dream experiences also.

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When he allows himself spontaneity his true vitality returns, and the feeling of joy, active joy, that he has so often missed. My word to him now then, for the 100th time—but now he will take it—is to allow himself spontaneity on a daily basis, the feeling of playfulness. A clue incidentally that his vitality is returning: he has not been nearly so tempted to nap, particularly in the afternoon.

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The hints on spontaneity that have been given this evening, again, may sound simple, but they are highly significant, and Ruburt will know when, subjectively, he is being spontaneous. At one time he could not tell the difference.

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