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TPS1 Deleted Session April 15, 1970 5/53 (9%) poetry daemon spontaneity bookcase symptoms

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Ruburt’s poetry this evening did represent a breakthrough of sorts, both in the ideas presented and in the poetry-writing itself. The feeling of ease and release is a magic quality here—for health can come as naturally and easily.

You know that physical symptoms are the materialization in the body of inner dis-ease. They are apparent and easily recognized. Now, not writing poetry was also a symptom of inner disease, not so readily recognized as such. While the intuitional abilities first appeared in poetry, and while the poetry in one way was a channel into other areas, the poetry was not meant to be shut off because new areas were opened.

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Sitting down at the desk to write poetry, the act and intention automatically reminds Ruburt of all the times that he has written poetry before, and primes the pump, so to speak. When this is done, as it was this evening, easily, getting up and down from the floor does the same thing physically, reminding the body and the mind of successful performances in the past. With each success, the failures fade away. The same applies to running. Ruburt does not need his conscious mind to perform as a guardian. It is indeed the spontaneous self, as he is now realizing, who is the guardian.

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I have told him that concentration on his work will dissipate the rest of his symptoms, but he adopted a too-conscious (underlined) deliberation here. He should write his book the same way that he writes his poetry—not demand of himself, but simply and quietly and joyfully expect.

He learned, or relearned, something quite important this evening with the poetry—the feeling of spontaneity and creativity, and will be able to apply some of this now to the physical condition. A more playful attitude should be adopted when he gets up and down from the floor, and in the running. Have him see himself on the floor, for example, and get there without too much concentration upon the method or the muscles used, as this will take care of itself.

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