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TPS1 Deleted Session April 15, 1970 3/53 (6%) poetry daemon spontaneity bookcase symptoms

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(10:16. During break I said I hoped Seth would discuss the episode Jane experienced during the 523rd session for last Monday, April 13, 1970. While speaking for Seth, Jane realized later, she evidently had a brief out-of-body, seeing herself from a position near the bookcase in our living room, as she sat in the rocker delivering session data.

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Now. We hope to do more along those lines, for even though (smile) I am doing my own book, I will help Ruburt on his, and he could use a few projection episodes during sessions. (Humorous and emphatic.) It was also a way of getting him out of the way the other evening, so that I could work in peace on my book. It was rather a displacement of consciousness rather than a projection, for his consciousness was in a trance state, and then displaced to the bookcase area. (About six feet away.)

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The next time we try a displacement of consciousness, we will put him on the other side of the bookcase (as Seth, Jane pointed).

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