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WTH Chapter 14: August 4, 1984 3/16 (19%) devotedness panic dissipation sniffles restoring

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(At 2:30 Jane began having panic attacks, just as she’s been doing lately. Crying and moaning. She again could not tell me what their source was, although we were pretty sure the same things were involved — mostly her mother. I cleaned her close-up glasses for her and told her to put them on when she resisted. Then I told her to read yesterday’s session as I held it for her. Something she wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t insisted. First she read the Seth material in the session, then the notes at my insistence.

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(Her panic didn’t last nearly as long as it had yesterday, and I hoped her continued experience of it would lead to its dissipation. She repeated several times between sniffles that she’d try to have a session. “I’ll do the best I can.”)

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Tell Ruburt to tell himself that he can slowly but definitely make small adjustments in his thinking, feeling, belief — that even despite his panic he can feel those changes move around in his psyche.

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