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WTH Chapter 14: August 17, 1984 2/16 (12%) billing georgia starving ashamed massaged

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(Once again Jane ate very little for lunch, although Georgia had said she did okay for breakfast. She’s still starving, essentially. Jane and Georgia talked and smoked while I was down to billing. Jane said she’d have a session later, then changed her mind as I got ready to do mail. Her voice was very shaky, not very distinct, rather high-pitched and with little inflection. Eyes open and closed.)

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

(It’s events like this that make me despair, for once again I see Jane going along in the same old way, and wonder what, if anything, has been learned out of all of this. How can one say much has been learned, I wondered, if my wife is at death’s door, and is currently starving herself? Each challenge we have to meet and surmount is at a lower level, and simply to break it or surmount it leaves one only back at the next level from which the fall took place. There’s never a surge up a few rungs on the ladder, from which we can look back in triumph.

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