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WTH Chapter 6: April 27, 1984 4/20 (20%) 3700 populations animals knee cooperative

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(The day was brilliant and very warm — almost 80 degrees when I left the house for 330. Jane’s room was pleasantly cool, though. Later I turned on the fan. She showed me how the large scab on her right knee, over the site of the broken bone that had become infected, had peeled off partially in hydro this morning. It’s now half its former size. Underneath the missing portion I saw the fresh pink flesh of new growth. There is still a large hole in the leg at the drainage site. Both of us felt good about the improvements, though.

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The obvious improvement in Ruburt’s knee is a fine example of the body’s self-healing processes.

It could not be accomplished by the conscious mind — though the conscious mind can indeed will the process to occur. (A most important point to remember.) The knee will continue to improve, and the finger also (on the left hand).

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End of dictation. (4:43.) Take to heart what I said about Ruburt’s knee, so that he realizes in fact that the healing processes are indeed operating within him all the time. That realization will help change conditions enough so that the two of you can be home together sooner than you may think possible. Again, I activate those coordinates that quicken high spirits, strength, and vitality — and I bid you a fond good afternoon.

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