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WTH Chapter 4: April 2, 1984 3/26 (12%) donations influences understands options insurance

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(I’ve made good use of the time. I have every letter in the house answered. I’ve paid bills and actually feel like I can relax and draw a deep breath at times, when I consider the improving state of our finances, work, insurance problems, and so forth.

(On March 29, last Thursday, I failed to get to the hospital to see Jane for the first time since she was admitted last April 20. The reason was simple: a late snowstorm of very deep and heavy wet snow the night before, and continuing on into the next day, had split the Chinese elms in the back yard and caused the one nearest the garage to fall across the driveway, so I couldn’t get the car out of the garage. The trees are ruined. Insurance will not pay for them. On March 31, Frank Longwell came over with his power saw and helped clear the driveway enough so I could get the car out. The day before, John Bumbalo had taken me back and forth to the hospital.

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(When I asked her if she believed we were operating within Framework 2, she said she did — that the insurance questions, the donations, and our current work, all show that we are doing things much better — and I agree.

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