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WTH Chapter 5: April 10, 1984 4/21 (19%) dejected trinkets playful queries play

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(The day was warmer — over 50 degrees as I drove down to 330. Jane looked good. Not much drainage from her right knee. Georgia was taking care of her today; she washed Jane’s hair this morning. The nurses and aides on the floor are full of hell today, telling explicit sexual jokes and playing tricks on one another.

(Jane described a very vivid and even exhilarating dream she’d had last night, in which she’d been playing with her own collection of trinkets, sitting on the floor, and so forth. I neglected to note down the details. Jane said she was really enjoying the dream, after supper, when Debbie Harris arrived for a visit and woke her up.

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Play is a very important — indeed, vital — attribute in the development of growth and fulfillment. Children play naturally, and so do animals. For that matter, insects, birds, fish, and all kinds of life play. Even ants and honeybees play. Their sociability is not just a matter of constant work within a hive or an ant mound. This playful activity is, in fact, the basis for their organized behavior, and they “play” at adult behavior before they assume their own duties.

Creatures play because the activity is joyful, and spontaneous and beneficial, because it activates all portions of the organism — and again, in play youngsters imitate adult patterns of operation that lead finally to their own mature activity.

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