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TES1 Session 9 December 18, 1963 8/60 (13%) fragments beach dancing images incarnations

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The man and the woman in the York Beach dancing establishment, sitting across the floor alone at a table. They were fragments of sour selves, thrown-off materializations of your own negative and aggressive feelings. Jane’s were even stronger than yours, since the woman was fatter than the man. She almost recognized them because of the circumstances and your illness, and because of the peculiar vitality of your conflicting emotions at the time.

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Please do not comment, because Jane is having enough troubles with me tonight as it is. Ruburt, you are doing fine. Speaking about the problem you mentioned, because your aggressions are fairly well controlled consciously, and because in the present your creative energies are in the realm of your subconscious, at this stage they can be, and often are, used to create unhappy image personality situations such as at York Beach. You can rely to some extent on Jane’s intuition, which has been strong in all her incarnations. However, often she will only recognize something strange, and be unable as in that case to pinpoint the trouble.

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(We took the break as suggested. I remembered that we had today also received a Christmas card from the owners of the hotel where we had stopped at York Beach, Maine: Ocean House.

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(“Seth, why did I make Jane get up and do the twist with me in that dancing establishment at York Beach?”)

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(Break at 10:30. This York Beach dancing establishment was actually a ground floor room in one of the older beach hotels there. It was a rectangular room, lined with tables and chairs in rows. The ceiling was very low, and it was dimly lit. It was not a large room, and the dance floor was quite small; fifteen couples would be forced to stand elbow to elbow. The bandstand was at the end of the dance floor, and when the trumpet blared the noise was deafening. Both times we were there, it was very crowded, blue with smoke.

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(There follows Jane’s version of the York Beach incident, dealt with so extensively by Seth in the 9th session.)

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(The incident referred to is as follows: Rob was very sick last winter and spring and into summer. We planned on a vacation in Maine. Rob was inclined to call it off, but I was for it and we went. In a York Beach joint, I immediately noticed a couple sitting across the room from us. They disturbed me to such an extent that I watched them almost constantly all the time we were there, three hours or more.

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(Rob surprised me by asking me to dance, insisting even, though the dance number was a twist, and we didn’t know it. Reluctant, I agreed. We found ourselves on the other side of the floor, shoved next to the couple’s table, dancing very close. The woman smiled. I do not remember them leaving. We just looked up much later and they were gone. I am very poor at visual imagery yet their faces came to mind often during our stay at York Beach, and for months later after our return.)

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