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TES1 Session 8 December 15, 1963 7/107 (7%) fragment board mesophania superego dictates

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(“Why is it that in our readings on psychic phenomena we have never come across the word fragment used in just the way you employ it. Is that an original term or use with you?

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Was fragment of his own entity, a past personality regaining momentary independence on visual plane. Sometimes a lapse occurs of this type. Take break.

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In some submerged manner all fragments of a personality exist within an entity, with their own individual consciousenesses. (Jane dictates:) They are not aware of the entity itself. When Bill saw the image and recognized its prescence, the fragment itself seemed to have a dream. As Bill saw and did not recognize, the fragment saw and did not recognize.

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She received it very well. The entity could be compared to a superego as far as its own fragments are concerned. I said this earlier but Jane lost it.

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The entity operates its fragments in what you would call a subconscious manner, that is, without conscious direction. (Jane dictates:) The entity gives the fragment independent life, then the entity more or less forgets them. When a momentary lapse of control happens they both come face to face. It’s as impossible for the entity to control fragment personalities as for the conscious mind to be aware, or control its own heartbeat. In this case the image concerned was a past fragment.

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(“Then it’s possible to walk down the street and meet a fragment of yourself?”)

Of course. I will try to think of a good analogy to make this point clearer later. Even thoughts, for instance, are fragments, though on a different plane. (Jane dictates:) They have to be translated into physical reality. Fragments of another sort, called personality fragments, operate independently, though under the auspices of the entity.

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