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TPS3 Session 730 (Deleted Portion, First Part) January 15, 1975 8/19 (42%) monkey carol larry leash class

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Our (ESP) classes occur in your physical reality. Yet the greater encounters take place in the psyche, and this encounter is independent of space and time.

While probabilities do operate, your consciousness usually deals with one at a time. In your terms, after class broke up last evening another class began, as those events were experienced in the private and mass psyche of those involved. This “second class” did not actually happen, however, after the first one, but simultaneously. It represented the larger dimensions of the event of the class, and those events that composed it did take place at a different level of actuality.

Carol left the physical class (early), but still participated at that other level of reality in the entire proceeding. Pat (Arnold), who has not attended lately, psychically is present. In that dimension therefore Ruburt was aware of both presences. He was perceiving the greater dimensions of the physical class event. In those terms Pat, who did not attend the physical class, attended a probable one; and Carol, who was not present for the end of the official class, was a participant in the probable one.

To Ruburt’s experience the classes seemed separate, one real and the other probable. But these simply represented the greater, usually unperceived, dimensions of any class event (or of any perceived event).

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Many of the students are embarrassed by Larry’s behavior, and his piercing laugh, but Ruburt recognizes the energy involved. Several things were operating. Ruburt was out-of-body, as he knows, and in that state he was perceiving the greater dimensions of the class event, and trying to correlate this with ordinary class perception. You were also out-of-body, but do not recall the situation.

Carol was downhearted, and wanted to give herself a present. Unconsciously she chose the precise “old” class session, dealing with probabilities, and containing her description, last June, of an out-of-body episode in which she did indeed visit a probable class. That was on her mind as she fell asleep. She visited here, then, out-of-body, and was perceived by Ruburt, who was in an out-of-body state himself. Carol did not come into the room, however, but lingered with her sister (Pat) in the hall.

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Then he realized that his body was sleeping. He wanted to “awaken” and record the experience, so he had the radio blare until [it] waked him. There is more, involving the doctor and the monkey. The monkey was not free, but on a leash —the psyche’s interpretation, in other terms, of material involving the class discussion about inoculations. The monkey was not free because it had been inoculated with diseased tissue, yet the doctor hoped to keep the disease in control, or leashed, through measured inoculations. Ruburt saw a real doctor and a real monkey because he wanted to bring home the point that living animals were then involved who were then diseased, and that real men conducted the experiments.

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(11:25.) The vocabulary used in the regular class was interpreted in the psyche in that manner, and it was literally and symbolically true language. I will cut this short, knowing your time problems. I recognize your problems—but that sequence alone, done properly, would require sessions.

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