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UR2 Section 5: Session 725 December 11, 1974 11/93 (12%) strands mountain identity rocks trees

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(Tonight Jane was so relaxed1 that I didn’t expect her to hold a session. But at 8:45 she wanted to try — especially since we hadn’t done anything on Monday. “It might be a short one, though,” she said. “Maybe Seth will talk about our own things instead of giving dictation — your material on your father [which I received this past Sunday evening], or what you got on your mother this afternoon. Or maybe he’ll talk about what I got on your mother the other day, or my strands-of-consciousness stuff for Psychic Politics.”

(Jane’s material on strands of consciousness2 had actually developed because of my experience involving my father while I was in an altered state of consciousness. That episode had upset me to some degree, but Jane’s discussion of the subject in Politics, plus a few comments Seth made in ESP class last night, helped me put the affair in a more objective light.

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Identities, then, do send out “strands of consciousness” into as many realities as possible, so that all versions of any given identity have the potential to develop in as many ways as possible.

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Through such strands of consciousness all of your world is related. Your own identity sends out strands of itself constantly, then. These mix psychically with other strands, as physically atoms and molecules are interchanged. So there are different organizations of identity in which you play a part.

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(11:35.) Give us a moment … Not dictation: All of this should help you understand your own experience involving your father — and the later one with your mother; and, separately, Ruburt’s with your mother, for [Stella Butts] was sending out strands of consciousness in the directions that interest her.

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**2. Jane originated the phrase, “strands of consciousness” — which she likes very much — some 10 months ago while describing her sleep-state reception of multidimensional material from Seth. See Appendix 4 for Volume 1 of “Unknown” Reality.

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4. In this (725th) session Seth mentions two of my recent inner experiences and one of Jane’s. Each one had to do with strands of consciousness, although in this note I’ll stress only the very unsettling one I had with my “dead” father last Sunday night, December 11.

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In class yesterday evening, Seth first came through with some very earthy material that’s presented as Appendix 24. Then Jane read her notes on strands of consciousness, which — I can add later — also found their way into Chapter 12 of Politics. Seth soon returned in class with the following comments; he referred to Jane’s ideas mainly, yet as he talked I began to understand my experience with my father and his after-death situation as I perceived it.

“There are no ceilings to the self, and no boundaries set about you. There is no place where identity need stop — yours or anyone else’s. Now, if you want to rest for a while in the familiar privacy of your self-adopted selfhood, then that is all right. But if you discover paths or ‘strands of consciousness’ leading from yourself into other realities, then follow them….

“What selves do you encounter in time? And what makes you think that those selves exist in time as you understand it only? Why does it seem impossible that other strands of consciousness go to you and out from you constantly?”

A student asked: “What’s the difference between a strand of consciousness and an identity?”

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