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UR2 Section 4: Session 712 October 16, 1974 10/89 (11%) beam planet space expanding appendix

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(11:38. Now Jane came through with several pages of material for herself. Some of it was quite personal, but one part consisted of Seth’s response to an assessment she’d written after supper tonight, wherein she examined her progress since the inauguration of her psychic abilities late in 1963. Seth, here, adds to our understanding of Jane’s reactions to some of the challenges she took up 11 years ago. His material is also an extension of much that he gave in the 679th session for Volume 1 of “Unknown” Reality, when he discussed the early background of the probable Jane who chose to live in this physical reality, and how that Jane began to contend with her strongly mystical nature. See especially Note 8 for Session 679, and Appendix 1.)

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At the beginning of Appendix 12, see the longer presentation from the 44th session for Seth’s discussion of “the value climate of psychological reality” — the “medium” that spontaneously contains within it all of our camouflage constructions of space, time, growth, and durability. Note 2 for Appendix 12 also fits in here, especially Seth’s references within it to our endless questions about the beginning and ending of the physical universe.

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Then, in the Appendix of Seth Speaks, see the transcript of the ESP class session for January 12, 1971. Certain sightings of UFO’s (unidentified flying objects), Seth told class members, represented the appearance of visitors from other realities, rather than from elsewhere in our own universe.

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8. See Appendix 4 in Volume 1.

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These notes deal with Jane’s experiences in this week’s class (held in October 1974). I made a verbatim record of her first encounter with slow, or long, sound in the 612th session for September 6, 1972, just about a year after she’d finished Seth Speaks. Since the material in that session wasn’t covered in Personal Reality or Adventures, we’re publishing most of it as an appendix for this volume.* Not only will it illuminate these notes; it will also link, if loosely, Seth’s reality, Seth Two, and some other “rapid” effects. There’s much to be learned here, and perhaps eventually we’11 be able to do something about that.

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Now for the unfortunate results I mentioned near the beginning of this note: Of the two cassette tape recorders that had been operated by class members last night, one malfunctioned throughout the evening, unknown to its owner, and so recorded no class material at all. The other recorder’s tape snapped just before Jane finally succeeded in consistently uniting Seth’s slow, or long, reality with the accelerated version we ordinarily hear. For a few minutes, then, she was able to speak for Seth about his home environment — but since the information wasn’t recorded I have nothing to quote here. By then class was nearly over. I don’t want to try reconstructing Seth from memory, but will note that his material took off from some of that in the 612th session (see Appendix 19).

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11. In Volume 1, see these two sessions: the 694th to 10:00 P.M., and the 702nd, with Note 6. In Volume 2, see Note 24 for Appendix 18.

12. A note added later: See the 721st session, with its Appendix 21.

13. See Appendix 10 in Volume 1. In Volume 2, see the 708th session after 11:40, and (added a few days later) the opening notes for Session 713. All of these passages show Jane’s attempts to understand her abilities and beliefs, and to relate them to herself and to the world in general.

*See Appendix 19.

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