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TPS2 Session 617 (Deleted Portion) September 25, 1972 7/23 (30%) harbored negative concentrate underlined thumbnail

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

He is exhausted by the barrage of negative thoughts that you have recently exploded in the household. I know you have been busy, but you have not examined your beliefs as given in the book.

You are insisting that your negative ideas are reality. There is a deep love between you. For reasons that I will get to, and to some extent have told you, you got into the habit of inhibiting joy, and being a stranger to gaiety.

Now these episodes begin and follow a rhythmic pattern, and Ruburt recognizes it. You begin to concentrate upon the negative (underlined three times) aspects of the news in the paper. This initiates such an episode. You go from that to the neighbors, the environment, Ruburt’s condition, and Prentice.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

You do exaggerate the Prentice relationship negatively. There are negative aspects, but you concentrate upon them. You accuse Ruburt of never forgetting a thing that you said of a negative nature, but you hold all of Prentice’s errors in your mind, and so far refuse to concentrate upon any good in that relationship.

You are aware (underlined) of the good, but you do not concentrate upon it. You concentrate (underlined) upon the negative aspects.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

(About 4 pages of material followed this, but it was too fast to record. I considered it the best part of the session, but now do not have it to read. It is impossible for me to remember at this typing, of course. It was about spontaneity and joy, etc.—obvious things, really, which become self-evident once mentioned—and how Jane’s symptoms represent our joint negative thoughts. My parents were also discussed. The session ended at 11:20.

(The material about a negative cycle being fueled by a reading of the papers was new to me, and legitimate. As a result I’ve stopped reading the New York City papers at least, and have noticed a definite improvement. Jane and I were discussing the session when Seth came through briefly at 11:35:)

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