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TES1 Session 4 December 8, 1963 6/116 (5%) gratis wall watts ha levelled

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

(“Are you there, Frank Watts?”)

[... 19 paragraphs ...]

(“Frank Watts, what do you think of the sum of your previous existences here on earth?”)

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

(“Frank Watts, is part of your psyche alive on earth now?”)

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

(“Frank Watts, can we refer back to you on any specific questions in the future, for further elaboration?”)

Yes. I prefer not to be called Frank Watts. That personality was rather collarless.

[... 17 paragraphs ...]

Results of a previous life. Jane must avoid any act of cruelty toward her. Jane chose circumstances this life to test own patience, to compensate earlier temper. I was Frank Watts to learn humility. Caution, pride can destroy much. The stupid are not to be scorned because we must all learn humility.

[... 41 paragraphs ...]

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