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TES1 Session 4 December 8, 1963 3/116 (3%) gratis wall watts ha levelled

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You are Joseph, the Joseph you see in your mind, the blueprint. Wall or walls are the divisions between your various personalities, and also represent the times of incarnations. Sometimes you can see over the wall, sometimes it is 1 wall, and sometimes it is many. To the (wl no) whole Joseph there is no wall, but unity. I will call you Joseph.

(This message referred to an experience Jane and I had consciously forgotten. Many months ago, Jane and a friend had succeeded in putting me into a trance state. While in this state, I had repeated visions of a man, an aged man in robes, standing before an ancient wall. At times I could see over the top of this wall, made of vine-covered stones; at other times it was honeycombed and complex; and at other times it was so tall that I could not see over it. The mental data were very vivid, and in full color.

(“Would it help to paint a picture of my recollection of Joseph and the wall?”)

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